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The End Times Bible Prophecy Newsletter, Issue #001
July 05, 2010


What a joy it is to study bible prophecy and gain insight into the Lord's Word. Thanks for joining us!

Below are the headline topics of this month's newsletter:

  • 1) The Singularity Movement
  • 2) Double Dip? How about Depression
  • 3) Hyperinflation?
  • 4) Other Headlines
  • 5) New Articles

"For the essence of prophecy is to give a clear witness for Jesus." Revelation 19:10 (NLT)

The Singularity Movement

In the New York Times article, "In the Singularity Movement, Humans Are So Yesterday," Ashlee Vance provides a good overview of this emerging movement, its ideas, and the people behind it. She quotes Ray Kurzweil, one of the world's foremost authorities on the singularity and a transhumanist as saying, "We will transcend all the limitations of our biology."

This is interesting, because his words are almost a direct quote of Psalm 2:3 in which God refers to the nations who conspire and stand together against "the Lord and His Anointed One."

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Double Dip? How about Depression

In a recent blog post, financial blogger Mike Shedlock points out that "an economic depression is here." For all the endless commentary about avoiding a "double-dip recession," little evidence exists to suggest we ever had a "recovery" to begin with. As Shedlock notes, "Various safety nets like food stamps, unemployment insurance, and of course people no longer paying their mortgage and living in their houses for free all mask over the depression."

This is one article worth reading in full, and I highly recommend Shedlock's site. His analysis is easy to read for economic newbies, and he's been amazingly accurate in his analysis of the world economy going back for several years - calling the top of the stock market just a few weeks prior to its 2007 high and forecasting peak credit, the housing downturn, and our current economic woes.

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Mike Shedlock's post reminded me of the article, "Hyperinflation?" that I wrote back in November 2008. At the time, a number of bible prophecy teachers and others were warning their readers to beware of hyperinflation and the coming devaluation of the American dollar.

While the American dollar will ultimately be worthless (like all the wealth of this world), don't count on seeing this happen in the near term. Calling for American hyperinflation in the next 3 to 4 years shows a fundamental misunderstanding of what's going on in the world economy right now. The world is under full blown assault by deflationary forces due to the burst of the largest credit bubble in human history. Under such conditions, it's unlikely we'll see inflation, much less hyperinflation.

That said, a deflationary spiral can pose just as much danger, if not more. The last time the world experienced a deflationary spiral was the Great Depression, and the 1930's brought us Adolf Hitler and World War II.

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Other Headlines...

Turkey Threatens Diplomatic Break with Israel

Bible prophecy scholars have long wondered when Turkey and Israel would break diplomatic ties and become outright enemies. According to Ezekiel 38-39, Turkey will be part of the Gog / Magog Alliance which attacks Israel. For many years now, Turkey has been one of Israel's most reliable Muslim allies. But with the recent ascendance of a non-secular Muslim ruling party, the Turkish government is growing more hostile toward Israel.

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Nano-device Breakthrough

Researchers recently created self-assembling nanodevices that move and change shape on demand. This is yet another milestone in the drive toward the development of molecular manufacturing. Once the molecular manufacturing breakthrough is achieved, world government will follow very quickly.

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Get Ready For the "Cliff Edge"

The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) recently sounded the alarm to its clients telling them to "get ready for the cliff edge" and going so far as to make this statement, "This all sounds somewhat doomsdayish, so we should update how the real economy/banking is panning out for us. It is saying: the end-game approaches."

Doomsdayish? The end game approaches?

Even investment research is starting to agree with bible prophecy.

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It's Starting to Feel Like 1932

In his recent commentary for The UK Telegraph, Ambrose Evans Pritchard makes a number of plain observations about the US economy and the world economy, stating "This really is starting to feel like 1932."

His article further reinforces the deflation theme from our earlier topics "Double Dip? How about Depression" and "Hyperinflation?" While there are many reasons today's economy is different than the world economy of the 1930's, news headlines and analysts continue to point out some amazing parallels.

[Read the full article...]

New Articles

Make sure to check out End Times Bible Prophecy's newest article "Bible Prophecy Ministries," a new segment of the site which will highlight some of our favorite online bible prophecy ministries.

Thanks for joining us, and may the Lord bless you in the coming month.

Your friend in Christ,


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