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The End Times Bible Prophecy Newsletter, Issue #010
November 13, 2014


This quarter's End Times Bible Prophecy newsletter covers the following topics:

  • 1) Are Humans "Evolving"?
  • 2) IBM Computer Chip Functions Like a Human Brain
  • 3) The Rise of Cyborgs
  • 4) Floating Robots to Surveil the Oceans
  • 5) U.S. Military's 21st Century Robots of War
  • 6) "Signs of the Second Coming" in Paperback

"For the essence of prophecy is to give a clear witness for Jesus." Revelation 19:10 (NLT)

Given the list of above topics, it should be obvious that the theme of this newsletter is the rapid pace of technological advancement. Recent news headlines feature an almost daily barrage of significant advancements - advancements that closely parallel prophetic end times events. Let's take a look at some of these headlines.

1) Are Humans "Evolving"?

This is the question asked by a recent UK Daily Mail article titled "Are We Evolving Into A NEW Type Of Human? 'Different' Species Will Have Evolved By 2050, Scientist Claims."

I believe the answer is "yes," and it's not for the better. For years, I've discussed transhumanism and the singularity as they relate to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. I believe advancing technology will lead to a higher standard of living for all human beings, but it will also amplify our fallen nature.

Technology is not evil, but the human beings that use it are. We're all sinners by nature, and eventually humanity's rising power will lead to a direct confrontation with God at the Battle of Armageddon.

2) IBM Computer Chip Functions Like a Human Brain

According to IBM, one of their latest computer chips functions like a human brain.

As technology advances, computers will take on a three-dimensional structure similar to the human brain and acquire the capability to mimic many of its traits.

Think of the implications this will have for further technological advancement... Computers don't need to sleep. They don't get tired, take sick days, or go on vacation.

Computers can also proliferate faster than people. How long will it take to populate the earth with another billion people? Probably longer than it takes to go from one computer that replicates the functions of a human brain to a billion such computers.

And how quickly will those billion computers (computers that don't have to rest and are capable of replicating human thought) develop the next technological breakthroughs? Relatively quickly is my guess. This is just one more reason we should expect the exponential advancement of technology to continue.

It's also one more reason to expect the soon return of Jesus Christ. Jesus Himself told us to look for the exponential curve as a sign of His soon return.

3) The Rise of Cyborgs

A recent UK Telegraph article titled "The Real Cyborgs" is yet another indication of the exponential advance of technology, and it directly relates to the first article mentioned above about "evolving" humans.

In the past, I've argued that man-made machines and artificial intelligence will never overthrow the human race, because humans will simply merge with the technology they create.

This isn't speculation, but fact. Why do I say that? Because we've already seen rudimentary examples of this human/machine evolution when it comes to pacemakers, artificial heart valves, prosthetic limbs, and other medical technologies. People have been more than willing to embed machines in themselves when the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. That won't change.

But what will change is the sophistication of the technologies available to merge with. This article catalogues the next steps in a process that may one day lead to "the disappearance of all flesh" (Matthew 24:22) as prophesied by Jesus.

4) Floating Robots to Surveil the Oceans

A recent CNET article says "Hundreds of Floating Robots Could Surveil the Oceans" in the near future.

For years, I've argued that one day robots will surveil the oceans, and when they do, nothing will ever again be able to hide in the ocean - and that includes nuclear submarines. But I don't believe oceanic surveillance on this scale will occur until after molecular manufacturing is developed.

But when it does, the ability to surveil the oceans will be one of many reasons molecular manufacturing will result in the circumvention of Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD).

And that's a big deal. Why? Because MAD is widely credited as the reason World War III has been avoided for nearly 70 years. Once it's obsolete, all bets are off. I've written before about why I believe this will inevitably lead to a global government.

5) U.S. Military's 21st Century Robots of War

For those of you who aren't up to date on modern or near-future military applications, the following is a must see video:

U.S. Military's 21st Century Robots of War

I don't think I have to add much commentary here. It's clear that human technology is advancing at an exponential pace. Soon, that technology will enable a single man to take control of the entire world (Revelation 13:7).

6) "Signs of the Second Coming" in Paperback

Since publication of the last quarterly newsletter, the paperback version of my book "Signs of the Second Coming: 11 Reasons Jesus Will Return In Our Lifetime" has been released.

You can find it on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or anywhere books are sold.

Along with the paperback version of "Coming To Jesus: One Man's Search for Truth and Life Purpose," it's the perfect Christmas gift for those searching for truth in a fallen world.

Thanks for joining us! Check out my latest articles on End Times Bible Prophecy, and may the Lord bless you in the months ahead.

Your friend in Christ,


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