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What Is Your Worldview?

What is your worldview?

What is your worldview?

Is it based in reality?

Each week, I take a walk through the local downtown business district and watch as people of all types pass by. I often wonder how many of them are aware of where the world is headed.

Just how many are aware of the imminence of molecular manufacturing (MM), or even what MM is?

I'm almost certain they've all heard of Jesus Christ, but are they aware that this generation is the one that will witness his return?

I was moved to create this post after reading Mike Treder's recent article for Nanotechnology Now.

The piece underscores just how ignorant and unprepared the world remains when it comes to the emergence of molecular manufacturing.

The development of MM will lead to great tribulation in the world, and it should weigh heavy on the mind of every person whose long-range plans extend beyond tomorrow. Some estimates state that MM will be a reality in 3 to 5 years, while other estimates claim it will be a decade or more.

Regardless of the actual timeline, a recent government report notes the inevitability of not only this technology, but the overall acceleration of technological development in general. In fact, the report directly mentions The Singularity and the exponential curve.

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Jesus also mentioned this exponential curve.

In the Book of Matthew, he cited it as one of the primary signs of his imminent return.

While he was sitting on the Mount of Olives, his disciples came to him privately and asked, "When will all this take place? And will there be any sign ahead of time to signal your return and the end of the world?" (Matthew 24:3) He then mentioned a great variety of global signs - spiritual, natural, societal, and political - saying these signs would be like "birth pangs" (Matthew 24:8).

Birth pangs are characterized by contractions which increase in both intensity and frequency in the moments leading up to birth.

Christ says this same pattern will precede His coming.

The clearly observable phenomenon of human technological process resembles the exponential curve of birth pangs. Both the power and the pace of our technological advancement have been progressing (and will continue to progress) at an exponential rate. As they do, the turmoil of this world will also increase exponentially.

Jesus Christ tells us that all of this will culminate not in the birth of a baby, but in His imminent return.

Ironically, most people are unaware of the existence of this exponential curve because we are standing on it. As the old saying goes, it's hard to see the forest through the trees.

For anyone seeking to develop an accurate worldview of the times in which we live, a proper study of molecular manufacturing is essential. The Center for Responsible Nanotechnology is dedicated to preparing the world for the development of MM. Their website features 30 Essential Studies on Nanotechnology.

While each is important, one in particular should stand out for any student of bible prophecy - "Study #27: What effect could this have on geopolitics?".

For anyone who studies the ramifications of MM on international security, the inevitable conclusion is that global government, or some form of global administration, is necessary for the safe implementation of MM. This is due to the inherently unstable nature of a MM-based arms race.

The existential threat posed by such an arms race will force the leading developer of MM to eradicate potential rivals and competing MM development programs. The result, at the very minimum, will be some sort of global administrative body.

The world has never had a truly global government. However, the Bible predicts that one will emerge in the last days. In fact, the Bible predicts that a global government will arise shortly before the Second Coming of Christ.

Any worldview which fails to account for the imminence of both the rapture and MM is an incorrect worldview.

And any worldview which fails to recognize Jesus Christ as the King of kings and Lord of lords is sadly mistaken.

So I ask you, what is your worldview?

Do you place your confidence in the stock market, politicians, and/or your own efforts?

Or is your trust and confidence more properly placed in the One Living God? Has your life become wrapped up in the things of this world? If so, look around you!

The world is sending you a signal. It's in the full throws of birth pangs, and its ultimate purpose is to announce the imminent return of Jesus Christ.

Originally posted April 7th, 2007

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