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The Necessity of Global Government Confirmed

German physicist Jurgen Altmann recently published an interesting and expensive ($140 USD) new book, Military Nanotechnology: Potential Applications and Preventative Arms Control.

Given the cost and limited availability of the book, I haven't yet had the chance to read it myself.

However, the Nov/Dec issue of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists contains a review of the book by Mike Treder of The Center for Responsible Nanotechnology. Treder praises Altmann's book for its "deeply researched and carefully worded" assessment of molecular manufacturing (also referred to as "molecular nanotechnology" or "MNT" in Altmann's book), although he notes that parts of it are severely out-of-date - which is probably the case with any well-researched book concerning cutting-edge technology.

Treder cites Altmann's views on the power of molecular manufacturing, and in particular, the prospect of an unprecedented arms race with potentially devastating global consequences.

These ideas have been widely discussed in intellectual circles for years, but Altmann takes the discussion one step further.

As Treder notes (emphasis mine):

"The book's most controversial thesis is not that MNT is plausible and should be taken seriously; it is that the only coherent response to this technology's military implications is to develop global governance structures that supersede existing national powers. 'The traditional way of guaranteeing national security - namely the threat of armed force - may no longer be compatible with the advance of technology,' he argues. And since security 'can no longer be reliably ensured by national armed forces,' he prescribes 'strengthened international institutions and international law, in particular criminal law with prosecution of perpetrators, moving into a direction toward an international monopoly of legitimate force, strong enough to prevent or punish threats or use of illegal force.'"

"Even if this ambitious goal could be achieved, we would still arrive at a conundrum, which Altmann acknowledges: how to create a system that, lacking all but arbitrary limits, will not devolve into absolute global tyranny. For example, 'MNT would provide chances for better treaty verification, e.g. by ubiquitous nano-robots that monitor practically everything. Of course, this would be highly ambiguous and would bring dangers to humans and society by itself.' While neither he nor anyone else I know of can provide an ultimate answer to this quandary, Altmann does make a strong case for nations on the leading edge of new technologies, including the United States, to consider binding international agreements as a bridge to their own long-term national security."

In layman's terms the above quotes mean:

1) Molecular manufacturing necessitates a global government; otherwise, an unprecedented arms race will destroy the world.

2) This global government will require around-the-clock global surveillance of everything.

3) A lot of smart people who have thought about this for a long time can't figure out how to prevent such a situation from leading to global dictatorship.

I've brought up these issues before, most recently in the article "Why Global Government Is Inevitable," and before that, in the article "Paving the Way for the Antichrist." Of course, global government is inevitable because the bible says so. Christians don't need further confirmation of this. However, Jesus commanded us to be alert to the signs of His Coming, and this is yet another sign that he is ever close and "knocking on the door."

The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists is a reputable, 60-year-old scientific publication, founded by two men who worked on the Manhattan Project. By publishing a book review which unwittingly corroborates bible prophecy, it provides secular evidence of the bible's legitimacy.

This can be used to convince those who have yet to examine the prophecies of the bible that they should do so immediately...

Although the bible is not in need of corroborating evidence, its skeptics are, and it's our duty as Christians to present them with the type of evidence that will convince them to independently investigate the bold claims of the bible.

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In light of all this, it's worth noting that the development of molecular manufacturing is much closer than people think. Back in April, I wrote a post titled "Molecular Manufacturing in 3 to 5 Years?" which noted the first publicized instance of reputable intellectuals setting the development of molecular manufacturing as a goal to be achieved.

Now, the Foresight Nanotech Institute has published a roadmap outlining the necessary steps to achieve molecular manufacturing.

With the publication of a clear outline, it's only a matter of time before molecular manufacturing becomes reality. When it does, global government will quickly follow.

And the bible tells us that when global government arrives, the Antichrist will arrive with it.

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